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07663 Dental Implants

Replace missing teeth in 07663

07663 dental implants

It wasn’t all that long ago that when you lost a tooth, your only options were a fixed bridge and partial dentures. And while there is certainly nothing wrong with either of those options, neither provides the benefits that you can get with our 07663 dental implants. Here at EverSmile Dental, we are dedicated to offering you the possibilities you need when it comes to having a strong, healthy smile and a great-looking, full smile.


Our 07663 dental implants replace the tooth on the surface, of course, but also the root beneath the surface. This gives you three distinct advantages. First, it creates a reliable foundation for your replacement tooth. Second, it preserves your natural facial contours. And third, it keeps your vital bone and gum tissue from atrophying. With a fixed bridge, there is loss of tooth material as the neighboring teeth have to be drilled down and capped to hold the anchors in place for the bridge. An implant has no effect on your other teeth. Removable bridges need messy adhesive to keep them from sliding, and even then there can be some movement when you chew or speak, leaving you less than fully confident. Your implant won’t move at all. You will feel 100% assured and you are likely to even forget that it’s not a natural tooth, due to the fact that it looks, feels, and acts like your other teeth.


It takes two steps to get our 07663 dental implants. First, a titanium post, the root replacement, is surgically placed into your jaw. Your jaw bone will grow around it over the next few months, eventually fusing with it. And then a tooth-colored crown is added to the top and cemented to the post. It’s that simple. The first step is to schedule a consultation. Most patients are good candidates for an implant, but our dentist needs to make certain that your jaw bone is thick enough to support the post. If not, bone grafting can be done to make sure that you do qualify. Don’t settle for empty space where you used to have a tooth. Call us today and let’s get started completing your smile.

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