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Preventative Dentistry in Saddle Brook

In the EverSmile Dental office, we understand the significance of a vibrant smile goes beyond its appealing appearance. We firmly believe that oral health is crucial for overall well-being. Recent studies have revealed a growing connection between inadequate oral hygiene and various systemic disorders, including digestive issues, respiratory complications, heart ailments, stroke, diabetes, and even Alzheimer’s disease. It is important to realize that neglecting a simple dental infection can lead to grave consequences.

The significance of routine examinations and treatment

Remember that maintaining proper oral hygiene, eating a balanced diet, leading a healthy lifestyle, and participating in preventative dental care are the best ways to stop the development of cavities, gum disease, and a host of other issues.

Patients are encouraged to come in twice a year for cleanings by professionals and routine checkups. By doing this, we can keep an eye on your dental health, lower your chance of developing dental disease, and identify any problems with your mouth early on, when they are usually easiest to treat. We can also screen for oral cancer and other conditions that could affect your overall health and well-being through periodic exams.

Our dedication to dental health

Our concern for your dental health at EverSmile Dental goes far beyond our office’s walls. A key element of our extensive preventative care program is patient education. We take the time to give you the proper guidance and resources needed to maintain good oral health at home. At every checkup visit, we review your oral hygiene homecare and provide detailed instructions on the best methods of brushing and flossing to keep your smile clean and reduce any harmful accumulations of dental plaque.
Additionally, we assist kids in building a solid foundation for lifelong good oral health. We provide regular topical fluoride treatments and dental sealants for extra defense against childhood tooth decay, in addition to the education and age-appropriate information needed to maintain healthy smiles.

Preventing a little bit goes a long way

Recall that you should not put off visiting the dentist until you are experiencing excruciating pain or suspect a problem. Our office can assist you in maintaining optimal oral health and a beautiful smile that promotes wellness by helping you to take the appropriate preventive measures and making routine appointments for routine care and a thorough examination.