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4 Common Cosmetic Dental Procedures and Their Benefits

Nowadays, people are choosing cosmetic dentistry to enhance the appearance of their teeth. Thanks to modern advancements, teeth flaws and inadequacies can now be efficiently corrected with minimally invasive procedures that produce amazing results. Modern cosmetic procedures are available at EverSmile Dental to completely change your smile. Here are four common cosmetic dentistry procedures and their potential benefits.

Cosmetic Dentistry Procedure Available at EverSmile dental

Dental Veneers: Dental veneers are thin porcelain coverings that can perfectly fit over your teeth’s front and sides. They fix several aesthetic issues because they are firmly glued.

Benefits –

Blend in with your natural teeth: Veneers look stunningly natural next to your surrounding teeth. For smooth integration, custom-shade matching guarantees that the porcelain veneers match the color, brightness, and texture of your teeth.

Prevent Tooth Discoloration: The teeth that dental veneers cover won’t become discolored in the future. Teeth are naturally yellow with time, but porcelain veneer shields maintain that recently whitened appearance over time.

Can Cover Chips, Cracks: Chips, fissures, and little misalignments in your natural tooth structure can be successfully covered by veneers. Porcelain hides structural flaws to create a perfect, whole smile.

Zoom Teeth Whitening: With Zoom in-office whitening, years of discoloration can be quickly and deeply removed thanks to a strong but safe hydrogen peroxide gel.

Benefits –

A Brighter Smile: Zoom in-office whitening may lighten teeth up to eight shades in a single session, producing striking results. Patients see instantaneous, confidence-boosting aesthetic benefits with a lighter, brighter smile.

Enhanced Self-Esteem: Improved smile appearance following professional Zoom whitening leads to higher self-esteem and an improved social presence. Additionally, having whiter teeth improves one’s professional image.

Long-Lasting Results: If Zoom whitening is done by the best cosmetic dentist in Saddle Brook like those at EverSmile Dental, the benefits are long-lasting and can last up to three years. Periodically, 15-minute touch-up gels can help you maintain optimal whitening in between appointments.
Invisalign: With the use of clear plastic aligners, Invisalign can progressively realign teeth that are slightly crowded, gapped, or crooked over several months.

Benefits –

Fix Dental Problems: Many bite and teeth straightening issues are successfully resolved with Invisalign clear aligners. Aligners can fill spaces between teeth, reduce crowding and crookedness, and address underbites, crossbites, and overbites.

Fewer Dental Visits: When it comes to modifications, Invisalign requires much fewer dentist appointments than traditional methods. Usually, all that is required is an initial scan, follow-up visits to guarantee optimal position every 6-8 weeks, and a final appointment to assess progress.

More Comfortable: The transparent plastic trays are quite comfortable in comparison to fixed braces, which can irritate cheeks because they are smooth and non-abrasive.

Dentures: Whether you need complete upper and lower replacements or just a few missing teeth, custom-fitted dentures are an effective way to replace lost teeth.

Benefits –

Replace missing teeth: High-quality, bespoke dentures successfully restore the appearance and functionality of lost teeth, whether they are partial or whole.

Restore speech ability : The ability to speak clearly and consume hard foods is restored with dentures.

Low-maintenance : Take out and give your dentures a daily hand wash. Dentures can endure five to ten years with proper care.

Why Choose EverSmile Dental for Cosmetic Dentistry Treatment?

Dr. Maryz Estedrak at EverSmile Dental uses his creative vision, surgical expertise, and the newest advancements in cosmetic dentistry technology to create beautiful, lifelike results. You can rely on EverSmile Dental to provide remarkable outcomes whether you’re thinking about dental implants following tooth loss, orthodontic correction, or a smile makeover.


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