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7 Complaints a Smile Makeover Can Address

Are you unhappy with the way your grin looks but not sure what you can do about it? A personalized smile makeover treatment plan can significantly address several typical grin defects that negatively impact appearance and confidence. Continue reading to find out which seven common complaints Eversmile best cosmetic dentist in Saddle Brook may successfully resolve with a smile makeover.

What is a Smile Makeover?

One common questions people ask is – “How a smile makeover can change your life?

A customized set of cosmetic dental operations intended to improve smile attractiveness is called a smile makeover. For revolutionary, well-coordinated outcomes, several issues such as discolored, crooked, or uneven teeth are treated through well-planned operations.

Problems a Smile makeover can address-

Another common question people ask is – “What can a smile makeover fix?

  1. Missing teeth – When teeth are lost due to trauma, decay, or gum disease, smiles are compromised by dark spaces. Bridges, partial dentures, or dental implants can be used in makeovers to fill in gaps. A long-lasting alternative is offered by implants, which anchor artificial posts that resemble actual teeth by fusing them into the jawbone. Bridges fill up gaps by using crowns that are affixed to substitute teeth to cap the teeth next to the gap. A frame containing prosthetic teeth is held in place by attaching metal clasps on removable partial dentures.
  2. Gummy smile – A gummy smile, which is an overabundance of gum tissue displayed when smiling, can take away from an otherwise lovely smile. The best cosmetic dentist in Saddle Brook can remodel the gum line and create a more symmetrical and proportionate smile through operations like gum contouring or orthodontic treatment.
  3. Stained or Discolored Teeth – Your grin can seem older than it is if you have persistent stains and discolorations. Porcelain veneers or professional teeth whitening procedures are common ways to remove discoloration and get a whiter, brighter smile.
  4. Crooked teeth – Tooth crookedness or misalignment can take away from the harmony and balance of your smile. A more visually pleasing smile can be attained with orthodontic treatments like braces or clear aligners, which can gradually straighten teeth and improve alignment.
  5. Gaps or Spaces – For many people, diastemas, or the spaces or gaps between teeth, can be a cause of self-consciousness. With dental bonding, porcelain veneers, or orthodontic treatment, these gaps can be filled during a smile makeover to create a uniform and seamless smile.
  6. Chipped or cracked teeth – Teeth chips and cracks can affect oral health as well as the way your smile looks overall. Veneers, porcelain crowns, and cosmetic bonding can all successfully mask flaws and bring back the original beauty of your teeth.
  7. Tooth Decay or Damage – In addition to compromising oral health, tooth decay, cavities, and other types of damage can negatively impact the beauty of your smile. Treatments like fillings, crowns, or root canals may be part of a smile makeover to fix broken teeth and return them to their ideal form and function.

Why choose Eversmile Cosmetic Dentists for a Perfect Smile?

At EverSmile Dental, we’re committed to providing each patient with individualized, compassionate care so they can achieve their ideal smiles. Using the most recent developments in dental technology and techniques, our best cosmetic dentist in Saddle Brook provides outstanding results that are customized to meet the specific needs and objectives of every patient. From consultations on smile design to thorough treatment plans, we guarantee a smile makeover beyond your expectations.


A smile makeover can address many different types of aesthetic issues, such as damage, misalignment, discoloration, and missing teeth. With confidence and peace of mind, you may start your path toward your ideal smile by selecting EverSmile Dental in Saddle Brook. Set up a consultation right now to begin the process of achieving a smile that genuinely represents the best version of you.