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Dentures Offer Numerous Advantages To People Without Teeth

A full set of upper and lower dentures can be a godsend for people who have lost all of their natural teeth. Tooth loss is frequently the result of decay, injury or severe gum disease. Wearing dentures enables people to speak and eat much more efficiently than they would without dentures. 

The office of EverSmile Dental is an excellent one-stop solution for the oral healthcare needs of your whole family. We’re experienced in treating patients of all ages. Whether it’s time for the kids’ back-to-school checkup or you have a toothache, we will provide the expert service you need and expect.

Without the support from all of your teeth, the muscles in your face will sag and sink into your mouth. But, as with natural teeth, dentures fill out your face and improve your appearance. And they will undoubtedly enhance your smile. 

Traditional dentures are removable and custom-fit to your mouth. If some teeth had to first be extracted, the gum tissue will have to be healed, which could take a few months. 

Immediate dentures are put in your mouth the same day that your remaining teeth were removed. Before that appointment, a dentist will measure and make models of your jaw. You won’t be without dentures while your gums heal, but your dentures may have to be relined or reconstructed after your jaw has healed. 

If you have a few remaining healthy teeth, a dentist will prepare them for an overdenture, which will be placed over them and serve as anchors. 

Your new dentures will likely feel awkward for a few weeks while your cheek and tongue muscles acclimate to them. Minor irritation or soreness and increased saliva flow are also not out of the ordinary. You’ll need to have follow-up visits with your dentist so he (or she) can check and adjust the dentures’ fits. 

People who wear full dentures need to practice excellent dental hygiene. They must use a soft-bristled brush to clean their gums, tongue and roof of their mouth to remove plaque and particles of food. And as with their natural teeth, they must brush their dentures to remove plaque, food particles and stains. Your dentist will answer all of your questions about your adjustment period and cleaning technique. 

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