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Bergen County Laser Dentist

Laser Dentistry in Bergen County

Bergen County Laser Dentist

Laser dentistry offers an array of benefits over some of the more conventional ways that treatments are administered. Here at EverSmile Dental, it’s our priority to give you, our valued patient, every possible advantage so that you can not only get the best results, but have optimal comfort, too.

Probably the most well known use for this technology is in performing teeth whitening. Laser activation of bleaching agents make for a more remarkable outcome and brighter teeth faster. There’s no arguing with the benefit of that. Of course, there are many other applications that our Bergen County laser dentist can make available, including those that are restorative and cosmetic. For one thing, earlier detection of cavities is entirely possible. And one thing that is certain is that the smaller a cavity is at the time it is diagnosed, the more likely you are to keep it from causing you a toothache, infection, and more complex treatments. Addressing existing cavities in preparation for filling is also a feature that our Bergen County laser dentist offers. That means less loss of your natural tooth material, and no drilling. Injections can be avoided, too, because there are laser treatments that do not cause pain. It may sound too good to be true, but no drills and no injections is a reality. Lasers are also employed in the reshaping of your gums to produce a more appealing smile. And laser technology has a place in the treatment of condition from sleep apnea to TMJ. Cold sores and even oral tumors are easier to take care of when laser dentistry is added to the equation.

Let our Bergen County laser dentist show you how simple and effective this method of treatment can be. Contact our office right now and we will schedule you a time to come in for an examination or procedure.

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