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Best Dentist in Saddle Brook

Gum Treatments in Saddle Brook

Best Dentist in Saddle Brook

Although they do not always get the level of attention that they deserve, your gums serve the a vital role in maintaining good oral health and strong teeth. Here at EverSmile Dental, we are committed to your optimal periodontal well-being with our gum treatments.

When the effects of dental plaque take hold, along with its hardened form, tartar, you become prone to gum disease. Brushing twice per day along with flossing once is the ideal strategy for keeping plaque from harming your teeth and gums. Unfortunately, not all plaque is removed in the process of at-home oral hygiene. Tartar cannot be affected in any efficient manner at all with brushing and flossing. See our best dentist in Saddle Brook twice per year. A teeth cleaning serves two important purposes. First, it eliminates any remaining plaque and tartar. Second, it will reverse early stage gum disease, or gingivitis. You may not even know you have it because the symptoms are mild, typically being confined to redness and minimal irritation. If, however, you do not get your six month teeth cleaning, gingivitis can progress to the more advanced stage, which is known as periodontitis. If that happens, the symptoms you experience can range from bleeding when you brush to persistent bad breath to receding gums. If left unchecked, periodontitis could result in the erosion of vital gum and bone tissue, as well as loose teeth. Our best dentist in Saddle Brook will then utilize a more deep type of cleaning, scaling and root planing, for our gum treatments. Getting down to the roots to get at the plaque and tartar, this method is not only effective, but absolutely necessary to prevent loss of teeth.

Schedule an appointment to come in for gum treatments by our best dentist in Saddle Brook. Don’t put your gums and your teeth at unnecessary risk.

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