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Dentist in Saddle Brook

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Getting regular dental cleanings and exams is very important. By doing, so you can prevent many dental problems. Early detection of dental problems allows the dentist to stop your dental problems from starting or worsening. Preventative care is something that our dentist in Saddle Brook and the rest of our staff take seriously. In fact, we are so dedicated to preventative care that we have designed a preventative program for our patients.

Dr. Maryz Estedrak and the other professional staff members at EverSmile Dental take the time to teach you how to prevent cavities and other dental problems. We care about you and want to do everything possible to help you to avoid problems down the road that could easily be prevented. We help you through the education of self-care (daily dental care), regular cleanings and maintenance.

Dentist in Saddle Brook

Our dental hygiene program at our dental office in Saddle Brook starts with your initial visit with one of our skilled, professional hygienists. Our dental hygiene program is designed to help you to prevent cavities, preserve teeth that have been restored and to manage dental diseases, such as periodontal disease. One of our skilled hygienists will not only clean your teeth, but will also educate you on how to take care of them. Getting regular dental cleanings is only part of the formula of maintaining your oral health. What you do on a regular basis, in between visits is just as important as your professional cleanings are. The hygienist will discuss the importance of keeping your teeth clean and also will teach you about foods that are harmful for your teeth and other aspects of daily self-care to achieve the best oral hygiene possible.

Getting regular dental checkups is also very important. Our dentist in Saddle Brook will do a complete evaluation for you starting with your very first visit. Dr. Estedrak believes that doing a complete and thorough evaluation of your oral health on your first day is very important. Our Saddle Brook dental exams include an oral cancer screening, a periodontal evaluation, and an analysis of your occlusion (bite). Doctor Maryz Estedrak performs a complete evaluation of your oral anatomy, which not only includes your teeth, but also its supporting structures.

Our dentist in Saddle Brook and our entire staff are truly dedicated to your oral health. You will receive the best care possible by a team of dedicated professionals who truly care about you. We will partner with you to achieve the best oral health possible. Our friendly staff members look forward to scheduling your first dental and hygiene appointments so you can achieve the oral health you deserve as soon as possible.

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