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Here’s How to Use Dental Floss For the Best Results

There are right ways and wrong ways to execute certain tasks. Using dental floss is one of those tasks.  

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An 18-inch strip of floss provides you with the best benefits and control of the floss. Wind the strip around each of your index fingers until you can hold a few inches of it tautly between each index finger and thumb. Softly slip the floss between two teeth and glide it gently in a “C” shape from the top of each tooth to its gum line. Then move the floss back and forth along each tooth’s gum line. 

Release clean floss from one hand while winding the used floss around the forefinger of the other hand. Progress around your mouth until you’ve flossed between all of your teeth. And remember to go behind each back tooth. To prevent missing an area, it’s helpful to establish a method. In other words, start with your upper right teeth and proceed around the arch; then do the same with your bottom teeth. If you’re unsure about your technique, your dentist or hygienist can demonstrate. You can also discuss if you should use waxed or unwaxed. 

Dental floss comes in several varieties. Which one you decide on is usually a matter of personal choice. In certain cases, however, one may be better than another. Waxed floss works well between teeth that are tightly spaced. Dental tape (broader and flatter than standard floss) or super floss (spongy with a stiffened end to guide it) is good for teeth with a more-than-usual amount of space between them. Other folks prefer disposable flossers with a plastic handle. 

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