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The Application of Dental Sealants

As part of a preventive care program for children’s dental health, dentists may suggest using dental sealants. These are thin, plastic-like coatings that are applied onto the biting surfaces of newly grown permanent back teeth. They offer an additional layer of protection to children during the years when they are more prone to getting cavities. By covering the pits, fissures, and grooves in the hard-to-reach back teeth, dental sealants prevent the accumulation of decay-causing bacteria and food particles in these vulnerable areas. Moreover, sealants can be beneficial in areas where initial dental decay has begun, as they halt further damage.

The effectiveness of dental sealants has been extensively studied and proven. According to the American Dental Association, they can lower the risk of cavities in school-age children by approximately 80%. In contrast, children who do not receive dental sealants are almost three times more likely to develop cavities compared to those who do. A healthy smile is vital for a child’s comfort, functionality, self-image, and overall well-being. Establishing good dental habits in early years lays a solid foundation for maintaining optimal oral health throughout their lifetime