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Retainer Wear & Care

Retainer Wear & Care

Attaining a stunning, harmonious, and efficient smile serves as the ultimate gratification for wholeheartedly embracing the dedication, time, and financial commitment required in orthodontic treatment. Now that you have successfully conquered the challenging phase, it is imperative to shift your attention towards preserving the brilliance of your newly acquired and captivating smile.

Why use braces at all?

The majority of individuals who have undergone orthodontic treatment will likely require the use of some type of retention device. Retainers play a crucial role in maintaining the results of the treatment, as they are not intended to reposition or correct the teeth, but rather to prevent them from reverting back to their previous position or becoming misaligned again. It is important to bear in mind that the positive outcomes achieved through orthodontic care can be sustained throughout a person’s lifetime. By diligently wearing the retainers as directed by your orthodontist, you can preserve the straightness and beauty of your teeth, just as they were when your treatment concluded.

guidelines for wearing

Once the active phase of your treatment has been successfully completed, you will receive transparent retainers to ensure the stability and preservation of your newly aligned smile. These retainers are specifically designed and individually crafted to flawlessly fit your unique case, ensuring optimal maintenance.

During the initial 3 months following the conclusion of your treatment, it is crucial to wear the retainers continuously. This means you should wear them throughout the entire day and night. While it is permissible to remove the retainers for brushing your teeth and cleaning them, it is important to promptly put them back on, without letting significant time elapse.

After the initial 3 months, or as recommended by our office, you may transition to wearing the retainers only during nighttime. The nighttime usage will provide the necessary support to sustain the results of your treatment. It is important to remember that wearing the retainers consistently at night remains one of the most effective methods to prevent any unwanted shifting or relapse.

Maintenance and care of retainers

Similar to your aligners for treatment, your personalized retainers are crafted from top-quality, biologically safe, durable, and transparent plastic materials without BPA. Ordinarily, these retainers have a lifespan of approximately two years. Nevertheless, due to their prolonged usage compared to aligners, they may stretch or suffer from damage. Additionally, activities such as clenching, grinding, irregular use as prescribed, and forcefully putting them back into position can also cause them to stretch or become damaged.

Our suggestions for retainers

We highly endorse the use of Vivera® retainers on behalf of our office. These retainers, crafted by the same skilled team responsible for Invisalign® aligners, are conveniently available in sets of four. This allows for a rotating cycle of retainers, with the option to experiment with a fresh retainer every six months. This enables you to assess whether your current retainer has stretched or lost its efficacy, indicating the need for a new one to sustain the proper alignment of your cherished smile.

Have appropriately sized retainers on hand.

We highly recommend opting for Vivera® as an excellent choice for retainers. Crafted by the same team responsible for creating the remarkable Invisalign® aligners, these retainers are conveniently provided in sets of four. This unique feature allows you to regularly try on a fresh retainer every six months, enabling you to assess if your current one has stretched and determine if it’s time to switch to a new one. By consistently utilizing the updated retainer, you can continue to effectively maintain the alignment and beauty of your smile.

Maintaining your braces

In addition to adhering to the prescribed wear of your retainers, it is crucial to maintain their cleanliness both on a daily and long-term basis. To ensure that any food particles are effectively removed, it is advisable to rinse your retainers with a gentle flow of lukewarm water. Alternatively, you may employ the Invisalign cleaning tub and solution recommended specifically for your aligners during treatment.

You are encouraged to also bring your retainers during your regular dental checkups and hygiene appointments for a thorough cleaning.