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Saddle Brook Root Canal

Root canal therapy in Saddle Brook

Saddle Brook root canal

If you have a pain in your tooth when you eat something hot or cold, you may have an infected tooth that needs to be treated with root canal therapy. When you have tooth pain, you should visit our dentist, Dr. Maryz Estedrak, at EverSmile Dental to determine the cause of the tooth pain and see what type of treatment is needed. If it is determined that you need a Saddle Brook root canal in order to save the life of the tooth, our dentist will expertly provide this treatment for you


If a tooth becomes infected at its core, it will need to have a Saddle Brook root canal in order to be saved. If an infected tooth is not treated, it will only become worse and eventually fall out. This is a dangerous route to take, as tooth infection can spread to other parts of your mouth and jeopardize other teeth. These days there is no reason to be apprehensive about getting a root canal treatment. Our dentist uses state-of-the-art procedures and equipment so that you will be perfectly comfortable while this treatment is being performed. During a root canal procedure, our dentist will gain access to the center of the tooth and clear out all infected pulp. The root canal system will also be thoroughly be cleaned and sealed. Once the tooth is sealed, it should keep out any further bacteria. When you come into our office, our dentist will most likely be able to let you know if the root canal procedure can be performed in one or two office visits. She will also be able to let you know the odds of the root canal procedure being effective in saving your tooth.


If you are experiencing tooth pain, and think you may need to have a Saddle Brook root canal procedure, simply make an appointment to see our dentist. The sooner your infected tooth is treated, the more likely it is that the treatment will be effective and your tooth will be saved.

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