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Saddle Brook Toothache

Emergency dental care in Saddle Brook

Saddle Brook toothache

If you are looking for an expert dental practice that also provides emergency dental care, you should become a member of our dental practice, EverSmile Dental. If you ever have a Saddle Brook toothache, you will want to make an immediate appointment to come in to be seen by our expert dentist, Dr. Maryz Estedrak.

There are many reasons why you may be experiencing a Saddle Brook toothache. Our dentist will be able to carefully assess your dental situation and determine the exact cause of your toothache. You will then be able to receive emergency dental care at our office. There are different reasons why you may have a toothache. Wisdom teeth often become infected and cause tooth pain while they are trying to erupt. Since the wisdom teeth are the last teeth in the mouth to erupt, there is often little to no room left for the teeth to come in. This ends up causing many different types of wisdom teeth problems, from impacted teeth to teeth infections, and many other wisdom teeth-related problems. If our dentist sees that your toothache is being caused by your wisdom teeth, she will be able to perform a simple or surgical tooth extraction while you remain comfortable due to our use of modern local anesthesia. If you have a toothache due to the fact that you have infected or damaged pulp in the center of your tooth, you will need to have a root canal procedure in order to save the tooth. Our dentist will let you know if this procedure can be performed in one or two dental visits. Happily, root canal procedures are now effective in saving teeth in over 90% of cases. Toothaches can also be caused by a dental cavity, which can be easily treated at our office, as well.

For an appointment to see our dentist due to your having a Saddle Brook toothache, simply contact us and let us know that you need an emergency appointment.

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