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For many people, dental problems can be a major source of anxiety, impacting not only their oral health but also their general confidence and well-being. One alternative that has gained popularity is the dental bridge in Saddle Brook. This post will go over the essential information you should be aware of before thinking about getting a dental bridge.

What Is a Dental Bridge?

A prosthetic used to replace one or more missing teeth is called a dental bridge. It is made up of one or more replacement teeth positioned in the center of a row of crowns that are affixed to the teeth next to the gap. The purpose of the bridge is to “bridge” the gap and restore your smile’s appearance and functionality.

Things To Know Before Considering a Dental Bridge –

Installation Expectations: Your dentist will begin preparing the anchor teeth once they have determined that a dental bridge is the best option for replacing your lost teeth. Usually carried out under local anesthesia, this initial therapy shouldn’t cause any pain.

The bridge will be positioned on your second visit. Your new bridge may feel heavy right after it is installed, but this should pass as soon as you get adjusted to your new prosthetic. Your dentist will be able to fit the bridge and make any necessary changes for any pain you may be experiencing during the third and final follow-up examination.

Costs associated with Dental Bridge: One of the less expensive methods of replacing missing teeth is with a dental bridge, which is also more likely to be covered by your dental insurance. Our dentist can assist you in finding the optimal course of action based on.

Dental Bridges are Affordable and Effective: The fact that dental bridges are less expensive than other tooth-repair techniques is one of its benefits. Your lower facial structure and smiling look will both be improved by your dental bridge. It may stop the movement of your other teeth, which could lead to biting issues.

AfterCare and Cleaning Tips: Observe the cleaning and maintenance guidelines provided by your dentist for your dental bridge. To stop tooth decay and gum disease, brush your teeth for two minutes each day using a soft toothbrush. When flossing with a bridge, be sure to glide the floss between the gum tissue and the base of the bridge.

Dental Bridges Look Completely Natural: You’ll look gorgeous with your new smile. Natural-looking materials are used to precisely match the color and shape of your natural teeth while creating a dental bridge.

When to Get a Dental Bridge?

Missing Teeth: A dental bridge uses the teeth that surround the missing tooth to hold the replacement tooth in place, whether you’re missing one or multiple teeth. This uses prosthetic teeth to bridge, or fill, the space left by missing teeth in your mouth.

Difficulty Chewing or Speaking: After you lose a tooth, chewing food may become comfortable and challenging for you. You want to think about getting a dental bridge if you’re experiencing any discomfort at mealtimes.

Prevent the Deterioration of Your Jawbone: Those who disregard their tooth loss will eventually notice a difference in the form of their jaw. Jaw degeneration may eventually result from this. Further tooth loss and deformity may result from the jawbone’s degradation.

You want to Restore Confidence and Self-Esteem: It is wise to view having a radiant, healthy smile as an investment. A dental bridge can give you more confidence if you are beginning to feel self-conscious or if you are concealing your smile.


Our Saddle Brook dentist at EverSmile Dental can provide you with many options for tooth replacement. We can assure you that there won’t be too many difficulties and that you may immediately resume your regular activities.

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