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Invisalign® treatment is a cutting-edge and inconspicuous method of dental care that effectively aligns your smile while causing minimal disruption to your daily routines. Through the use of nearly invisible aligners, this innovative treatment discreetly transforms your teeth without anyone else knowing that you are undergoing orthodontic care.

Invisalign makes use of advanced 3-D computer imaging technology to correct bite issues or misalignments by creating a personalized series of transparent aligners. These aligners gradually shift your teeth into the desired position until all necessary corrections have been achieved.

What Is Meant by "All-Inclusive"?

It is advisable to inquire about these possible extra expenses if you are thinking about getting Invisalign from a different provider. We provide the greatest all-inclusive package because it comes with the following:

Dental Invisalign in Saddle Brook
With Invisalign® clear aligners, your treatment is tailored to you. Innovative technology combines with a personalized treatment plan to make custom clear aligners for creating your new smile.
As pioneers in the field of developing and utilizing aligners, the experts at Align Technology, Inc. gather and analyze extensive data from millions of successful treatments. This invaluable information allows them to create treatment systems that outperform other options in terms of speed, innovation, and comfort. One of the remarkable aspects of these aligners is their ability to effectively address a wide range of dental problems, including malocclusions and misalignment issues. With their advanced technology, these aligners enable precise planning and control of various tooth movements. Moreover, Invisalign clear aligners are entirely bespoke, tailored specifically to the unique features of your smile. Designed with utmost precision, these aligners gradually and incrementally shift your teeth into their correct positions over time. It’s as simple as exchanging your aligner from the previous week with the next one in the series. Through this seamless transition, you will witness a progressive improvement in your smile. The beauty of Invisalign aligners lies in their removability for short intervals. This means that you are able to relish your favorite foods without any restrictions and maintain excellent oral hygiene by easily brushing and flossing your teeth. Such convenience adds to the overall appeal and comfort of this treatment option. To embark on your journey towards a beautiful smile, don’t hesitate to reach out to our office. We are more than happy to provide you with further information and assist you in scheduling a consultation for your care.

Visit us for an assessment.

During your visit, your dentist will carefully inspect your teeth and demonstrate the transformative benefits that Invisalign treatment can offer to you.

Obtain a customized treatment plan.

Begin with a quick, accurate digital scan. Next, a personalized treatment plan will be designed by your physician for you. You’ll even get to see a sneak peek of your smile.

Your aligners are made specifically for you.

Based on your unique treatment plan, your clear aligners are made with cutting-edge technology. Comfort is a priority in the creation of your aligners.

Get your first set of aligners.

You will always have your doctor by your side throughout the entire course of treatment; you won’t be alone.

Answers to Common Questions

For patients who prefer not to wear metal braces, there are plenty of alternatives! With its clear plastic aligners made to straighten teeth, Invisalign® is the most popular alternative orthodontic treatment. Your dentist will assess your teeth to determine which option best meets your needs and desires.

The price of treatment is about the same as that of metal braces, according to the Invisalign® website. Your insurance may pay a portion of this expense. For a consultation and to go over possible payment plan options, please give us a call.

Setting up a consultation with your dentist is the first step toward helping them create a treatment plan that best fits your unique dental requirements. You will get your first set of aligners after being approved.

Plastic that is clear and flexible is used to make Invisalign® aligners. The material, SmartTrack®, has been granted a patent by the company and is intended only for use in Invisalign treatments. Nearly invisible and FDA approved, these aligners!

The length of time your Invisalign® treatment should take will be estimated by your doctor based on your unique requirements. Treatment typically lasts between twelve and eighteen months. Some patients, though, might experience benefits much sooner. To get the best results, wear your aligners exactly as prescribed by your physician.

After your Invisalign® treatment, your doctor will probably advise you to wear retainers. This is a preventative measure that will stop your teeth from moving back into place. To guarantee long-lasting effects, it’s critical to adhere to your doctor’s recommendations precisely.

Your aligners have to be worn for up to 22 hours every day. For eating, drinking, and practicing good oral hygiene, you can take them off.

Nope. With aligners, you can eat anything you want as long as you take them out before you eat, unlike with braces. It’s crucial to brush your teeth and the aligners after eating before putting them back on.

There is a brief adjustment period, just like with any orthodontic treatment. You’ll get used to wearing aligners faster if you talk more.



After every initial insertion, there will be some pressure and mild discomfort for a day or two. This indicates that your teeth are gradually erupting into their permanent positions.

Chewing gum can cause your aligners to stick, so it’s best to take them out before you chew.

Since cigarette smoke tends to discolor aligners, we discourage smoking while wearing them.

Applying toothpaste to them will maintain their cleanliness and freshness.

Usually, appointments are scheduled every five to six weeks. This will guarantee that the planned course of your Invisalign treatment is being followed.

Every orthodontic patient is advised to wear their retainers at night for the rest of their lives. Sleeping with your retainers in at night will ensure a healthy bite and maintain the new position of your teeth.

Yes, provided that all of their teeth—including their second molars—have fully grown in.