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The Wisdom Teeth Removal in Saddle Brook is a very common dental surgery, especially among teenagers and young adults. While modern techniques have made the procedure more straightforward than ever before, it’s still a surgical procedure that requires some special care during the recovery process. Here are five essential tips to ensure a quick and comfortable healing experience after getting your wisdom teeth removed.

Get Plenty of Rest

In the first couple of days after your wisdom teeth extraction, plan to take it easy as much as possible. Your body will be doing a lot of work to initiate the healing process, so you’ll likely feel more tired than usual. Listen to your body and allow yourself to rest up with plenty of quiet downtime.
The more you can relax during this initial stage, the faster the healing will progress. Avoid strenuous activities which could potentially dislodge the blood clots and delay healing. Stay home from work or school for the first two days if possible. Catch up on your favorite shows, read books, or simply nap as needed.

Manage Pain and Swelling

Some degree of pain, swelling, and stiffness in the jaw area is perfectly normal and temporary after having your wisdom teeth removed. To help minimize these side effects, be proactive about taking any prescribed pain medications from your dentist according to their instructions. Icing the jaw can also help reduce swelling and alleviate pain.

Stick to a Soft Food Diet

Avoid anything crunchy, chewy, or requiring a lot of jaw movement like crusty breads, chips, steak, raw veggies, and gum. Don’t use a straw for the first 24 hours as the sucking motion could dislodge blood clots. Start slowly introducing more solid foods into your diet as tolerated after about a week.

Keep Your Mouth Clean

Although the extraction area needs to be allowed to properly clot and heal, it’s still crucial to maintain good oral hygiene after your wisdom teeth removal. It helps prevent infection and ensures the fastest possible recovery. About 24 hours after surgery, you can start gently rinsing with a warm saltwater solution to keep your mouth free of food particles.

Be extremely careful around the surgical sites when brushing your teeth for the first few days, sticking to a gentle up-and-down motion instead of vigorous circular brushing. Your dentist may prescribe a specific mouthwash or antibacterial gel to apply to the area.

Watch for Complications

It’s normal to experience some bleeding, swelling, bruising, and pain in the days after wisdom teeth removal. However, there are some specific warning signs and potential complications that require you to call your dentist.

Provided you follow post-operative instructions by EverSmile Dental in Saddle Brook and allow your body adequate time to recover, most wisdom teeth removal patients experience a full recovery within one week without complications.

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Removing wisdom teeth is a routine procedure, but as with any surgery, taking good care of yourself during the healing period is essential. Contact EverSmile Dental in Saddle Brook for more information.

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